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DJ Cash Money

Genre: Hip-hop, Soul, Funk, Pop Instrumental 


Since 1984, DJ Cash Money has been pioneering, designing and defining the art of turntablism. He is a cultural icon in the DJ world and one of the most prolific DJs in hip-hop history. Known in the industry as a DJ, turntablist and producer, he is best known for his pioneering scratch techniques, lightning speed and fierce musicality on the turntables. Artistic creations such as the “transformer scratch” and the DJ Cash Money Turntable Style Position are just a few of his inventions. Many techniques and styles created by DJ Cash Money have single-handedly revolutionized the technology for DJs and the manufacturing of the turntables. He is the first DJ inducted into Technics DJ Hall of Fame. 


DJ Cash Money continues to tour throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Canada, South America, and the United States dazzling audiences with his one-man show. He stays relevant by keeping his ear to the streets and studying current trends in music. The pioneer and family man says he spins everything from hip-hop, soul and house to EDM, reggae and rock music but stays loyal to his foundation as a pioneering hip-hop DJ who believes in preserving the artistry, skill, and history of the turntable. 


DJ Cash Money performs without limitations and believes always to do your best because “you never know who you will inspire.” 

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