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ICB Entertainment is a division of Ivy Chanel Limited. It is an entertainment booking agency that bridges the gap between three worlds of artistry (Artists), mentorship (Mentors) and promotion (Promoters). We provide professional consultation and assist in the whole booking process. ICB Entertainment set itself apart by equipping brands and institutions with high-quality artists for each respective event. At the highest professional level, the customer selects the appropriate act or acts for his/her engagement.


While touring with A-List musicians and Artist around the world, Ivy Chanel witnessed a lot of talented people within the bands, and they did not have representation to help them express and promote their own creative works. She recognized a need to create a platform for the creatives to help them to pursue their dream.  Here at ICB Entertainment, We work very closely with a wide range of Promoters, Festivals, and Creative Agencies to deliver unique entertainment experience throughout the year.


Internality, we actively host and promote our own ICB Entertainment events around the UK, featuring acts from our roster as well as showcasing other upcoming talents.


Outside of the UK, we collaborate with various partner agencies to enable our artists to bring their best live show experience wherever they choose to perform. Our bookings cover private, corporates events and tours.


For Business Inquiries, please contact our agents today and allow us to help you with your booking request.

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