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Ivy Chanel

US-born of African-American, French and Native American heritage Ivy Chanel has established herself on the International music scene as a singer-songwriter, producer, dancer, vocal coach and now an author of considerable talent and repute. She first started singing at the age of 5 and, as with so many great performers, in her early years honed her craft singing in her choir as lead vocalist back home in Sharon Hill, PA. Since then her soulful, melodic, voice has been heard in numerous high-profile settings around the World, and her musical collaborators include the likes of Grammy award-winning Scratch Professor, Curtis Richardson, Q-tip, MBE Soul legend singer Omar and Mo Pleasure (Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire). She has appeared with her brother, the legendary DJ Cash Money, as well as sharing the stage with the likes of  Roy Ayres, Stevie Wonder, and John Legend. She has worked throughout the UK, USA, UAE, and Europe and includes performances for President Clinton and Tony Blair on an impressive cv.

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Judith Sephuma

Judith Sephuma has been dubbed the Queen of Afro Jazz. Born in South Africa, she is a multi-award winning and multi-platinum album seller. 

Her debut album released in 2002 won her the right to be called the queen of Afro Jazz followed by 6 Afro Jazz studio album recordings, two DVDs, and two live gospel albums. 


Adrian Crutchfield

Adrian Crutchfield is known around the world for his neo-soul sound - creating music in a variety of genres such as jazz, R&B, pop, funk, soul, hip hop, and fusion; all of which can be heard on his 2017 album entitled "LEAP"! Much like Adrian's first album "Private Party," "Leap" showcases Adrian's passion for variety and freedom in music. "Leap" is what the contemporary instrumental music world has been waiting for. An album with no genre, no boundaries, and no limitations!


DJ Cash Money

Since 1984, DJ Cash Money has been pioneering, designing and defining the art of turntablism. He is a cultural icon in the DJ world and one of the most prolific DJs in hip-hop history. Known in the industry as a DJ, turntablist and producer, he is best known for his pioneering scratch techniques, lightning speed and fierce musicality on the turntables. Artistic creations such as the “transformer scratch” and the DJ Cash Money Turntable Style Position are just a few of his inventions. Many techniques and styles created by DJ Cash Money have single-handedly revolutionized the technology for DJs and the manufacturing of the turntables. He is the first DJ inducted into Technics DJ Hall of Fame. 



Legacy Artist & Britt Award Winner, One of the Founding Members Of the Hip Hop/R&B/Pop/ musical group P.M. Dawn. Formed by brothers Attrell Cordes (a.k.a.Prince Be, sometimes credited as Prince Be the Nocturnal) and Jarett Cordes (a.k.a DJ Minutemix or Eternal.) 

Eternal & Prince Be as P.M. Dawn. Released their debut album Of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross: The Utopian Experience in September of 1991. Having reached chart topping success with their International hit song “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” which hit #1 the week of November 30, 1991, and holds the distinction of being the first #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart following the introduction of Nielsen SoundScan to the singles charts, Beating out Michael Jackson and Prince for the top spot. “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” also reached #3 in the United Kingdom Winning the Duo a Britt Award for the single and a Grammy Nomination in the States 

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